Wetr Around The Clock

Learn how to automate shortcuts

Copy the action after you created it, by tapping the shortcuts icon and tapping 'Copy'.

To paste the action in a new automation, you may need to add *any* action first, tap it's icon, then tap 'Paste Below'. Then remove the random action you added.

This method seems odd, but it might save you a little time when setting up many automations. I wish Apple gave us a way to set multiple times at once.

Theme Downloader

Use this shortcut to download themes in full, instead of fetching theme overlays as needed.

If you're new to Wetr and trying to automate the shortcut, it may fail if you haven't encountered the weather condition with Wetr yet.

By default Wetr only downloads images as needed, if they're missing from the file system. This can break automations.

Use this shortcut to download all theme files preemptively.

Thank you

What started as a hobby and projects I wanted to create for myself, turned out to be popular among my friends and the iPhone community. This website is a collection of the multiple projects I’ve created for public use. Not everything may be perfect, but I strive to create the highest quality products I know how.

Thank you for your support.

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